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Continental Locating
A locating company that secures vending machine
locations for all types of vending machines

Continental Locating, LLC. A locating company that secures locations for all types of vending machines. We provide professional locating services for vending machine operators. Continental Locating specializes in bulk vending machine placement with candy and gum products, concentrating on high traffic locations for maximum return on your vending equipment investment. Our locators place all types of vending machines !!!

We have been in the vending business for over 25 years, both as professional locators and as vending machine route operators. Our extensive experience places us in an excellent position to assist others who are either just entering the vending business or those wishing to expand an existing vending machine route.

Our job as a locating company is to research and find heavy traffic areas with safe and secure locations for your vending machine route. We have two methods of locating your equipment, depending on the type and amount  you wish to locate. We have a team of experienced representatives who can secure locations over the phone and field personnel to handle the job in person.

IN PERSON  LOCATING Generally, depending on the number of locations desired, we locate in person from Texas to Georgia and from the Gulf Coast to Michigan. We are familiar with countless towns and cities within this area, but have no hesitation about going into places we have not been previously.

PHONE LOCATING   In order for us to find locations in the geographic area where you want your equipment, you specify certain cities or zip codes. Using our computer database, we narrow the search to suitable businesses in the area you have chosen. Our telephone representatives contact the decision maker of the business, usually the owner or manager, to secure the location for your vending machine.   A verifier will call each location to ascertain that all of the information is correct and to remind them someone will deliver a machine  within the next two weeks. 

You will be notified of the locations so you can deliver your equipment  while the owners/managers are expecting it. We will fax or email you a copy of the location agreements which will contain the decision maker's name, address, phone numbers, and any special instructions. We may also give you the locations by phone.  When using the phone approach to secure locations, the approximate time necessary is only 3 -14 days. 

As soon as we receive your initial deposit  we can enter you on the locating schedule. Our normal payment method for telephone locating requires either payment in advance or a 50% deposit up front with the balance paid upon receipt of your locations. Whether you pay in advance or give a deposit depends on the size of your order. Payments can be made by check or money order payable to Continental Locating, Inc. To review our contract and print it: See contract.

We recommend you use a charity for small machines.   Many charities, both national and local, have vending outreach programs in which they provide a sticker or other visual means of identifying equipment as part of their fund raising efforts.  In return, the equipment owner donates a small portion of his profits to the charity.   A commission is usually necessary to secure locations for larger equipment such as soda or snack machines.  Larger businesses almost always require a commission.  Chain stores/ businesses usually have regional or national contracts and sometime do not accept machines from local vendors.  For more information see FAQ.

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A locating company that secures locations for 
all types of vending machines

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