Expansion Warranty


It is mutually agreed that Continental Locating, Inc. shall procure additional locations for all expansion and original locations for a fee of $________ per unit.

The additional cost of the warranty is a one time fee of $_________ added to the deposit amount on the locating agreement

The purpose of this warranty is if The Vendor is not satisfied with the amount of revenue generated by the location at any time after the units are placed at the original location, The Vendor may request an alternate location for a fee of $______ per location without waiting for the ninety day period. This warranty is optional and The Vendor is not obligated to take advantage of Continental Locating, Inc. services stated in this warranty and The Vendor may relocate their own units at anytime.

Continental Locating, Inc. is an independent locating company, solely and exclusive contracted by and for The Vendor. Our total responsibility and obligation is to provide The Vendor with a location to place The VendorÂ’s unit. It is not and should not be considered an agent for the manufacturer(s), supplier(s), and / or their subsidiaries. All responsibilities and obligations regarding the product, including but not limited to deliver, packaging, quality, durability, salesÂ…etc, is exclusive between The Vendor and the manufacturer, and / or supplier, and / or subsidiaries.

This warranty will be honored for a period of one year and may be renewed annually for $_________ per year. This agreement is nontransferable.

This warranty will take affect ninety days after placement and payment of initial _______ locations. The warranty fee is non-refundable.

In Witness Whereof,

We have hereunto set our hands this _____________ Day of _________________, 2005.


________________________________ ________________________________
The Vendor  Continental Locating, LLC.