Continental Locating, Inc.

Customer Refund Request & Policies

Use this form to request a refund for your Location Agreement with us. Please make sure you read through all of the information below carefully: 

Refunds can be made to anyone who has made an agreement with our company and has made full payment. However, different percentages of refunds are issued depending on the status of the account, specifically whether part of your work has been completed. For each refund request we receive, these factors shall be considered and you will be e-mailed by a representative to let you know the status of your account and how much Continental Locating, Inc. will refund if any.  All refunds will be sent in the form of a company check. 

Please note: This form must be printed, signed, and mailed to us at  P. O. Box 41 Paragould, Arkansas 72451.  We cannot accept the form or the information via e-mail, fax, or telephone.  You are allowed a five day grace period from the expiration of the contract.

Fill in the form below to request your refund; please make sure to complete every field: 


Postal Address (Including Zip code)

E-Mail Address

Check made payable to:



If you have any problems with this form, please e-mail us at

It is our option that in the event the Purchaser requests cancellation of the customer agreement, for any reason once contacted by the locator or before the expiration of ninety- (90) days of receiving this agreement in our office, Continental Locating, Inc., upon receipt of written notice of cancellation shall have the option to refund unused working deposit, of not more than twenty-five percent of contracted amount. No refund will be made if full payment has not been made to Continental Locating, Inc. Continental Locating, Inc. shall retain the deposit for services rendered and/or as liquidated damages, or to demand and receive specific performance of this agreement from Purchaser.

Date this page was posted.  March 23, 2002