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A & A Global Industries (
A & A Global Industries was founded in 1939 and is currently the largest manufacturer and distributor of bulk vending machines and supplies in the industry. Today, we employ over 200 personnel nationwide and occupy over 200,000 square feet of space. Included in this is a complete graphic art and engineering department consisting of 8 people. 
AdvantEDGE (
In the early 80's Innovative Design, in conjunction with Precision Plastics of Idaho Inc., developed the world's first completely plastic bulk-candy vending machine, the "EasyVend".  In the early 90's, with the vast knowledge obtained from their experience with the "EasyVend", they developed the most advanced multi-product bulk-candy vending machine in existence, the "UltraVend".  
Allstar Vending  (
Allstar Vending has been in the vending industry since 1989. They enjoy a wonderful reputation worldwide and specialize in manufacturing their own Allstar sticker, gumball and capsule machines, as well as the stickers, tattoos, 3D puzzles and beanies that vend through these machines.
Arrow Vending (
At Arrow Vending you can rest assured that you won't pay too much for your vending machines. We only offer NEW, High Quality vending equipment and we stand behind every machine we sell. Our Customers are our number one priority. Whether you are buying a new vending machine or just looking for advise on the vending industry, you will find it at Arrow Vending.
Ashland (
With Ashland you are backed by a full service oriented company that will be there for you, whatever your future needs might be. Ashland is proud to offer the most complete line of Bulk Vending Equipment in the World. Ashland offers complete financing programs for all your vending needs. You receive the benefit of Ashland's in house locating dept for all your locating needs, and a complete source for all your gum and candy needs.
B & E Novelties and Vending (
B&E Novelties is a leading supplier in the bulk vending industry. Some of thier products include bulk vending machines, candy, capsules toys, as well as the finest quality empty capsules. For further information on custom "Logo Capsules," inquire.
Beaver Machine (
Machine-O-Matic Limited is a privately owned, Canadian based company, located in Newmarket, Ontario. Established in 1963, we are the sole manufacturer of the bulk vending line of equipment recognized world wide as Beaver. Our international head office encompasses all of the company's functions including administration, sales and marketing, design and mold making, research and development, permanent mold design aluminum and zinc casting, zinc die casting, tool and die making, machining, assembly and shipping. 
Better Vending Bureau (
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Brand Imports (
Our merchandise quality surpasses others in the market while beating the competitors prices. We maintain a quality reputation as a leading supplier and innovator of flat vending merchandise while offering the best prices available on the market. 
Confection Vending (
We offer a large assortment of gourmet gumballs,  fine candy assortments and fresh nuts.  Each exquisite confection is full of sweetness that clients love. Only the finest candies and freshest ingredients are used to create the perfect blend of flavor and elegance.
Cardinal Distributing (
Cardinal Distributing has been serving the bulk vending industry for over 25 years. During that period of time the company has grown to become one of the largest and most respected suppliers in the business. A 90,000 square foot, state of the art facility, is dedicated to the manufacturing & distribution of vending products world wide. 
Cashflow Vending (
The owners of Cashflow Vending have been offering high-quality vending machines since 1994 and have helped literally thousands of individuals get started in their own business.  Cashflow Vending is dedicated to serving its clients and helping them increase their monthly cashflow.  
Concord Confections (
Bubblegum...Where did it all start? How long has gum been around? Who invented Dubble Bubble? Get the scoop right here.
Enterprise Vending (

We make available a variety of vending machines.  We are a very successful, privately owned and operated vending business. In addition to this, we specialize in helping others start and grow their own vending business. 

Five Star/TJ King (
From equipment to gumballs to stickers to capsules and beyond, Five Star / TJ King is your one-stop shopping source for all your flat, bulk, and full-line vending needs.
Flatline Corp. (
Flatline is a Sticker and Tattoo supply company.
Ford Gum & Machine Co.  (
Ford Gum & Machine has been producing quality in confections in America for over 60 years. Our long history has continued to allow us to offer many new and exciting products. 
Fritz Industries  (
We are proud to introduce the Sports Blaster tm! The most profitable and dependable interactive vending machine in decades. It's a pinball game that uses the product (gumballs, jawbreakers, capsules, super balls, etc...) as the pinball. 
Get MeŽ Foods (
Get MeŽ Foods, LLC and its affiliates have been devoted to the specialty vending business since 1990. In 1995, the company entered the popcorn business with its first full size popcorn vending machine, later developing and creating two new models in 1998 for professional vendors.
Global Gumball (
We are the world leader in Design, Manufacturing, and Marketing of innovative Automatic Merchandising Equipment including a full line of Patented Spiral Wizards, Toys, and Interactive Games! 
Gumball Machine Warehouse (
Gumball Machine and vending machine operators can also count on a wide selection of commercial quality gumball machines, bulk candy vending machines, soda and snack vending machines, sticker and tattoo vending machines, to start a vending machine business.
The Hanna Group (
Hanna is a 26-year veteran and a leader in the vending industry. Today, many vending operators, individuals and corporations all over the United States and the world rely on Hanna’s expertise to build sound, safe and profitable vending operations or the acquisition of only a handful of vending machines if necessary.
Impulse Amusements (
We design and manufacture a complete line of coin-operated amusement games and electronic coin-operated scales. Most items can be customized to meet almost any.desired need.
Kidzone (
Antique Corner, Bulk Toys, Candy Crane Mix's, Gumballs, Kiddie Rides, Standard Metal Typer, Stickers & Tattoos, Toy Filled Capsules, Vending Machines, Specialty Items, Licensed Products, Seasonal Picks, Hottest Sellers, New Items
Laiv, S.L. (
Laiv situated in Malaga, on the south coase of spain where, as well as general plastic injection moulding, we manufacture and sell: vending machines, plastic capsules, toys and novelties.
Lil' Drug Store (
Lil' Drug Store Products Inc. headquartered in Cedar Rapids, IA, is the leading marketer and distributor of single-dose, over-the-counter medicines and sundries. Lil’ Drug Store has long-standing relationships with leading consumer health firms and has a reputation for supplying the retail industry with innovative merchandising solutions.  
Your reliable source for quality bulk vending supplies including The world's largest manufacturer of cast iron stands. 
Magic Gumball (
At Magic Gumball International there are 3 easy ways for you to make money with our exciting gumball and candyball dispensing machines:  First, you can purchase machines outright for your own stores or locations. 
Mayoni Enterprises (
In 1985 Mayoni entered the coin operated vending machine market when they turned out their first impulse device in order to supplement its primary business of contract work. 
Nestle USA/Special Markets ( (
For well over a century, Nestlé has been making the very best food and beverage products for families around the world, including Chocolates and Candy (Bit-O-Honey, Nestle 100 Grand, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Chunky, Nestle Crunch, Flipz, Goobers, Nestle Milk Chocolate, Oh Henry!, Raisinets, Sno-Caps, Turtles, Treasures, Pearson Nips, Perugina, Spree, Sweetarts, and Wonka.)
Northwestern Corp. (
The Northwestern Corporation, now in its 88th year of production, is the oldest company in America continuously and exclusively engaged in the manufacture of vending machines.  
Nova Resolutions (
The EZcount is a digital coin counter for the bulk vending industry. The device provides the only solution for money countability , a problem that existed since the birth of non-A/C powered vending equipment.  
Oak Leaf Confections (
Kids know what they like and they like Oak Leaf products. After 40 years in the industry our people should know. When it comes to product innovations, no one does it any better than Oak Leaf.
Oak Manufacturing (
Since 1948, Oak Manufacturing Co., Inc. has stood as a leader in the Bulk Vending Industry, producing high quality venders that the operator can depend on.  Distinctive design and unique customer appeal give Oak venders, such as the Acorn, the competitive edge.
OK Manufacturing (
Manufacturers of Unique Vending Equipment and Novelties Since 1991
Playmation Dist. div. of Edina (
Bulk vending units and interactive (sport themes) bulk games.
Quick Tronics ( 
Manuracturer of bulk vending machines, turnkey electronics systems, redemption/novelty games, custom software sound systems. program digitized sound, and pull-tab machines.
Rhode Island Novelty (
Products: balloons, balls, bubbles, coils, dolls-novelties, erasers, fun animals, games, giftware, hats, inflatables, jewelry, jokes keychains, light ups, lighting, noisemakers, novelties, novelty fashions, novelty weapons, pencil sharpeners, pencils, pens, plush, small toys, stationery, sunglasses, vehicles, waterguns, and yo-yo's.
S & B Candy and Toy Co. (
The biggest reason for S & B's success is their creative, kid pleasing custom -packaging/labeling of brand name candy products, which feature treats from a number of renowned confection manufacturers, including Hershey’s, M & M / Mars, Concord Brands and Sunmark.  
Sammy USA (
NEW FROM SAMMY USA!!!!!  Sports Arena--The world’s most popular prize merchandising game is now available in a size perfect for any location!
Schiro Vending Supply (
Schiro Vending Supply is your complete source for all of you bulk vending needs. We carry a full line of ball gum, candy, charms, capsules, vending machines, and fresh-roast nuts. 
Seaga Mfg. (
Reliable, rugged, all metal, bulk vending units deliver profits from a wide variety of products including candy, gum, nuts and capsules.
Slam Bam the Candy Man (
Slam Bam, the Candy Man is a novelty candy distributor. We specialize in novelty candies, foiled chocolates, candy cranes mixes, trail mix and laughing stock gag gifts. 
Smart Ind. (
Smart Industries is the leading manufacturer of crane games, gumball bulk vendor with game-play, and candy cranes. The Chocolate Crane combines a crane game and a pusher. 
Swell Confections (
Swell  manufactures Bubble Gum, Chewing Gum, Candy and confectionery novelties under the Swell brand. Many well known products such as CRY BABY, EL BUBBLE, MAGIC COLORS, JOE BLO, CHEWOLA, DOGGIE MAN, and BUBBLE GUM FUN are shipped throughout the world bringing a little fun to both young and old.
TJ King/Five Star
Five Star/TJ King is a distributor of flat line, bulk vend, and full line vending products and machines. Now offering online shopping at your fingertips.
T & M Enterprises Inc. (
Looking for gumball machines or vending machines? We offer the largest selection of gumball machines, bulk candy vending machines and gumballs on Earth! Interested in starting a vending machine business? Gumball machines and vending machines both large and small, we've got them all!
T. Pico Intl. (
Our specialty is in taking good quality products that are new to the market, finding the products greatest potential markets and exploding the sales of the product. The latest is a lollypop vendor.
Tomy-Yujin (
Combining our long history as a toy manufacturer together with our knowledge of collectibles and vending, we continue to grow and earn the respect and support of consumers and vending professionals alike. For over ten years we have been selling licensed miniature toys, and have long believed that our miniature collectibles bring much happiness to both children and adults.
Toy 'n Joy (
Toy 'n Joy sells novelty items and state-of-the-art equipment to members of the bulk vending and novelty product industries, nationally and internationally. Equipment includes two capsule vendors, a talking capsule vendor, and Mr. Bill Dollar Acceptor.  Novelty items range from 25 cents, 50 cents, and $1.00 items for capusle vends and Egg Mixes.
Unique Concepts (
Unique Concepts is a designer and manufacturer of unique bulk vending equipment. We have been designing and manufacturing vending equipment since 1993 for our own needs and that of a select few other companies.  
U-Turn (
U-Turn is dedicated to helping the independent vending owner operator to be hugely successful in this billion dollar industry! U-Turn opportunities exist almost anywhere for entrepreneurs to make great money without spending a lot of time. 
Vending Supply Inc. (
VSI is a leading supplier of top quality flat-vending products to operators around the world. VSI products consistently outperform the competition. Products are available prepackaged for sticker vending machines, or in retail bundles. Bulk orders receive quantity discounts.
Vendors Exchange (
Vendors Exchange has been serving the vending industry with automatic vending machines since 1960 and is a prompt professional source of vending machines for your organization.