Warranty Agreement


Important Notice


++++ This Document must be signed and returned with your Location Agreement ++++


I have read and agree to the conditions of my contract with, Continental Locating, LLC., that in order for my warranty to be in force, I must tour each location with the Independent Locator, approve the site, speak with the owner or manager of the location, and be assured that they will accept my units. I agree that in order for my warranty to stay in effect, Continental Locating, LLC., proof of tour form CLI-2003 must sign by the location owner or manager, and all other requirements must have been followed. If you choose not to tour, including inspection of the location and meeting the owner or manager, your warranty for any replacement will be null and void, even if the location refuses to allow you to place your units. Continental Locating, LLC., will not be responsible for any location problems!


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Continental Locating, LLC.,