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A vending locator that has been in the vending machine locating business for over 25 years, both as a professional vending locator and as a vending machine route operator. Our extensive vending experience places us in an excellent position to assist others who are either just entering the vending business or who are wishing to expand an existing vending route.

High Traffic

Continental Locating Co. is a full service locating company that specializes in placing vending equipment, racks, displays, pay telephones and ATM machines.  Researching and finding high traffic areas that are safe and secure vending locations for your vending route. Our team of experienced locators can secure locations over the phone and in person.


To request more information, on vending machine location please go to this form and summit your request.


The locator will work closely with you to develop a successful vending route based upon your needs. After the locator is finished with your locations he/she will take you to each of the locations to meet the owner and see where your product will be displayed. Upon viewing your new vending route you will pay the balance to the locator. Learn more about finance offers and options.  

Charity /Commission

We recommend you use a charity for small machines.   Many charities, both national and local, have vending outreach programs in which they provide a sticker or other visual means of identifying equipment as part of their fund raising efforts.  In return, the equipment owner donates a small portion of his profits to the charity.   A commission is usually necessary to secure locations for larger equipment such as soda or snack machines.  Larger businesses almost always require a commission.   For more information see FAQ.


In order for us to find locations in the area where you want your equipment, you specify certain cities or zip codes. Using our computer database, we narrow the search to suitable businesses in the area you have chosen. Our telephone representatives contact the decision maker of the business, usually the owner or manager, to secure the location for your vending machines.   A verifier will call each location to ascertain that all of the information is correct and to remind them of the deliver of the vending machine.



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